Material Recycling

Beverly Material and Sustainability

Beverly Material’s vision is to be a productive and efficient construction materials producer and service leader in Northern Illinois, while leaving a positive contribution toward the environment through concurrent reclamation activities and its recycling efforts.

Working in conjunction with mobile recycle plants located at four Allied Asphalt locations and at Beverly Materials’ Hoffman Estates location, Beverly Materials and Allied Asphalt are further able to demonstrate their commitment to the Plote Company’s policy of environmentally responsible business practice. This is accomplished by processing recyclable Asphalt and Concrete materials recovered at various construction sites and returning these materials to economic value while not impacting the local landfills. Additionally, Beverly Materials Hoffman Estates location, also takes inbound loads of clean fill for the further convenience of our customers.

Furthermore, through these and other efforts, Beverly Materials continues to demonstrates its commitment to natural resource conservation by working toward new and higher levels of materials conservations and sustainability. Beverly Materials has recycled hundreds of thousands of tons of concrete and asphalt for re-use in the road construction process, further conserving our limited natural resources and making a positive environmental impact.