Hoffman Estates


Hoffman Estates Plant (Scale House)
  • Address : 32W007 Route 72 (Higgins Road), East Dundee, IL 60118
  • Ph: (847) 628-6143
  • Fax: (847) 695-9262
  • Email: BeverlySales@plote.com
  • Sales: Catherine Sena
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  Crushed Products Washed Products Recycled Products

 3/4″ Crushed (CM-11)
 3/8″ Crushed Chips (CM-16)
 Road Base (CA-06)
 Road Base Limestone (CA-06)
 4″ Minus

 -3/4″ Trench Backfill
 3″x1″ Clean
 2″ Minus Roof Stone (CA-05)
 3/4″ Washed (CM-11)
 3/8″ Washed Pea (CM-16)
 Sand (FA-02)
 -3/4″ Asphalt (CA-06)
 Asphalt Grindings
 3″ Minus Concrete (PGE)
 -3/4″ Concrete (CA_06)
 3″x1″ Clean Concrete
  Others Available    
   Cobble / Rip Rap
 Limestone Rip Rap
 PGE Natural Bank
 Limestone Slabs
 Landscape Boulders

*Specialty products and gradations available by request.


East DundeePlant and Max McGraw Pit:

Strategically located along the I-90 Tollway at BeverlyRoad in Hoffman Estates some 40 miles from Chicago, the original pits nowdepleted, gave rise to the acquisition of a property once mined by MaterialService Corp. This site is now home to Beverly Materials’ main productionfacility.

In early 2004 the scale house and truck scale was movedfrom the Beverly Road gate to the State Route 72, Higgins Road gate and itreceived an automation upgrade as well as the addition of a second truck scale.The new scale and the old scale were both linked to an automated truckticketing system allowing the Plote trucks (and limited others) to run throughthe “Plote Fast Lane” where they merely pause on the scale deck, wait for agreen signal light and pull forward to receive a computer generated ticket. Allof which was designed to substantially cut down the ticketing time.

Plant was originally built in May of 2000 and underwent amajor upgrade in automation in 2006. The new PLC controlled facility withsafety interlocks allowed the plant production to gradually increase fromapproximately 750 TPH as designed, to a new record high of 1,200 TPH achievedin 2008. The facility was designed and built between two primary reserve areaswith many years of raw materials; however those reserves are virtuallyuntouched because in 2005 a new reserve area was opened by negotiation withKane County and the neighboring Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation.

The Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation decided to continuethe mining of their property, nearly 300 acres which is East of State Route 25and North of their original pit which was successfully excavated and reclaimedin the 1980’s.  The new Phase II reservearea will provide materials for the next 25 to 30 years and then the originalBeverly Materials reserves will continue to provide raw materials for another25 to 30 years.



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