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Belvidere Quarry
  • Address : 4151 Irene Road, Belvidere, IL 61008
  • Ph: (847) 628-6143
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  Crushed Products Washed Products Recycled Products

 3/4″ Crushed (CM-11)
 3/8″ Crushed Chips (CM-16)
 Road Base (CA-06)
 Road Base Limestone (CA-06)
 4″ Minus

 -3/4″ Trench Backfill
 3″x1″ Clean
 2″ Minus Roof Stone (CA-05)
 3/4″ Washed (CM-11)
 3/8″ Washed Pea (CM-16)
 Sand (FA-02)
 -3/4″ Asphalt (CA-06)
 Asphalt Grindings
 3″ Minus Concrete (PGE)
 -3/4″ Concrete (CA_06)
 3″x1″ Clean Concrete
  Others Available    
   Cobble / Rip Rap
 Limestone Rip Rap
 PGE Natural Bank
 Limestone Slabs
 Landscape Boulders

*Specialty products and gradations available by request.


The Belvidere Quarry was opened as a small Limestone quarry some forty years ago then shut down and allowed to fill with water. For the following forty years it remained a small 6+ acre fishing hole well known by the locals in the northwest corner of a 220 acre farm ultimately owned by a local farming family.

As Limestone sources in the north central and western part of Illinois became more valuable, Beverly Materials L.L.C. acquired the property and began the permitting process. Then Boone County changed the zoning ordinances to preclude mining as a special use under the Agriculture-1 zoning district which covered this property. Knowing that Beverly Materials L.L.C. had a strong case for the assertion of its “Grandfather Right” to mine this property because the property was once a quarry and still had a truck scale, the County sought a settlement agreement which would provide for County control and oversight. Once signed in September 2005 the Belvidere Quarry was reborn and the permit process was resumed.

After achieving all relative permits from Township, County, State and Federal agencies the Quarry was finally reopened with a “bang” on October 29th 2007 at 1:15 in the afternoon! Cleanup, and construction was begun and production of several grades of construction materials began to flow off the belts and into stockpiles!

This quarry will provide Limestone construction materials for many many years to come as well as playing a strategic role by providing a competitive advantage to Plote Construction and Beverly Materials in our western operating region!


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